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Effects of Mobile Phones on Studies Essay Example for Free

Effects of Mobile Phones on Studies Essay Abstract: Mobile phones are rapidly growing technology all over the world. According to new United Nations report 60% of the world has mobile phones. People of any age using it for interaction and other purposes especially the students. They use it for interaction and entertainment etc. as mobile phones have advantages it also have disadvantages and its effecting the students’ education. This study was conducted to determine the impact of mobiles on the education of students. The methodology of questionnaire was used to collect data. A small sample size of 100 students was taken from different colleges and universities of Lahore with the technique of simple random sample. And then the collected sample was analyzed on SPSS 20. Most of the students claimed that they uses the mobile phones to interact with friends and even teachers, they use it for entertainment whenever they get bored and even they use the mobile phone during their lecture also. Keywords: Mobile Phones; Education; school environment; University; Pakistan Introduction: Mobile Phones are widely growing technology all around the world especially in developing countries, and are becoming a social symbol as well. According to the new United Nations report, now 60% of the world has mobile phones and in 2002 only 14% of the world had any kind of mobile phones. People especially our youth are doing its extensive use, they are using it for entertainment, interaction with friends and family, learning purposes, and for internet etc. too. Mobile phones are removing distances among people now they are no need of landlines or any other kind of communicating source (fax, latter, e-mail etc.). Mobiles are becoming a part of life now a day. As technology changing rapidly, the technology of mobile is also changing. The new mobiles with new advance technology have many new and attractive features for its users. Mobile phones have many advantages and disadvantages as well. Our youth uses the mobile phones as messenger and spend their whole day in messaging and calls. Read more:Â  Effects of Cell Phone Addiction The so much use of mobile phone also causes of many diseases and other problems as well like economical, educational, political, social and in professional life and it has been proved from the previous researches about the effects of mobile phones. There are already many researches have been conducted about the effects of mobile phone. In our research we will try to find out how mobile phones are affecting ones educational life, either it’s because of its advance technology or its extensive use. Students use so much of mobile phones that it effects their grades as they cannot completely concentrate on their studies. Mobile phones are also effecting school’s environment as students spend their time in making short message service (SMS) taking photos even without knowing the friends and sometimes also of the faculty. Even the school/college administrator thinks that the mobile should be bane in school. Mobile also have advantages as parents have security about their children if anybody in college/university gets late they can inform their parents. This study was conducted to determine how much mobiles are effecting our students’ education and how we can overcome from this problem. Mobile companies are giving them different calls and messages packages then how can we aware our students not to spoil their time on mobile as this is the time when they can make their future. Literature Review: There are many studies which suggest that mobile phones are effecting our youth’s education and their grades badly. Mobiles are not even effecting the youth’s education it also affecting the school’s environment. In an essay on internet sakazaki4693 (2009) [ HYPERLINK \l sakazaki4693 1 ] suggests that mobile phone should be banned in schools as students always seems to look busy in short message service (SMS) multimedia message service (MMS) taking photographs of friends and faculty even without knowing them and many more. It wastes so much of their time. In an research paper Olofinniyi OE et al. (2012) [ HYPERLINK \l OEO12 1 ] prpposed that mobiles phones are effecting secondary schools’ Academic performance and they concluded that mobiles are not effecting their performance but also introducing some negative habits in studs like use mobile during lecture or in library which lacking their performance, so parents and administration should discourage thm to use mobile phone. Research Methodology: This study was conducted with an aim to find the aspects of mobile phone usage among Pakistani users. The purpose of this study was to find that how mobile phones are effecting the grades and education of students. The methodology of questionnaire was used to collect the responses. The students of universities and colleges were taken as population with the technique of simple random sampling. From the selected population 100 students were selected as sample out of which 80 students responded back thus the response rate of this research is 80%. And then SPSS 20 was used to analyse the collected data. References: |Bibliography | | |x | | |Bibliography | | |x | | |[1] | | |sakazaki4693. (2009, February) [Online]. HYPERLINK | | || | | | | | | | | | | |[2] | | |Olofinniyi OE, Fashiku Co, Fashiku BC, and Owombo Pt, Access to GSM and | | |Students Academic performance in Secondary School of Osun State,

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