Saturday, December 21, 2019

Essay on Symbolic Citations in a Worn Path by Eudora Welty

In the short story ‘a worn path’ by Eudora Welty she uses symbolism to describe many of the characters and objects that are given in the short story. Symbolism is to use symbols to represent ideas and qualities. In ‘a worn path’ Eudora does so she uses manifolds of characters and objects to express the way the story is being told in her own way. As doing so she helps the reader understand it more sufficiently and to show that what is going on is still happening today. In the short story ‘a worn pass’ by Eudora Welty she uses several of characters for specific reasons and various objects as well.The short story tells use about an old lady name phoenix Jackson she is a blind elderly women and she has to go on a far journey through the†¦show more content†¦Phoenix realizes that she must keep on going so as she keeps going she passes through various of places which are all dead which kind of makes her fell like if it was meant to be there for her. So that helped her keep going she remembers that there is a gum tree near by which water flows from it so as she reaches the gum tree she drinks from it and remembers all the times she would go through there. She continues her journey and is approached by a dog that knocks her over into a ditch she asks fell help but there is no one around until a white hunter shows up and helps her out. He asks her what is an old lady like her doing out there in the woods and as if he feels he is more superiorto her, he points the gun he has at her and she doesn’t say anything. He asks her aren’t u afraid grandma but she say no that she has had that happen to her plenty of times and she won’t be afraid he drops a nickel on the ground but he doesn’t realize it. Phoenix rallies his dog up and another dog comes and the hunter’s dog and that other dog start to fight and she quickly picks up the nickel and puts it away hiding it from the hunter. The hunter comes back and tells her if he had money he would give it to her but he doesn’t. the hunter lied to her and then he goes about his own way she finally reaches Natchez and as

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